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Boxo Paper Litter 51L


Safe and Healthy: Created from paper trimmings that are a byproduct of manufacturing consumer paper products; Contains no aromatic oils or chemicals and provides a clean and cozy environment
Odor Control: This soft, highly absorbent bedding material provides maximum odor control for you and your pet; Natural paper fiber bedding material is great for burrowing and nesting
Soft and Comfortable: Designed as cage bedding for small animals, this recycled paper product works well as rabbit bedding, hamster bedding, chinchilla bedding, and guinea pig bedding
Pet Comfort: Discover pet accessories including cat litter, clumping cat litter, prairie hay, Paw Thaw ice melter, equine bedding, and small animal bedding available in pine, cedar, aspen and corn cob
Pestell Pet Products: As one of the first producers of clumping cat litter and small animal bedding in the market, Pestell has been manufacturing quality pet products for 45 years