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Pramitol 25E Herbucide 2.5 gallons concentrate


Get weed prevention that works with the Pramitol 2.5 gal. 25E Lawn Herbicide Concentrate. A bare-ground herbicide, this weed killer concentrate has been widely used by industrial and commercial applicators. Use this lawn herbicide around buildings, storage areas, fences, recreational areas, fuel tanks, roadways, guardrails, airports, highway medians, pipelines, railroads, lumberyards, right-of-ways and other similar areas.

Liquid soil sterilant targets grass and broadleaf weeds, including Johnson grass
Refer to the label for specific uses and rates for best results
Comes in a 2-1/2 gal. container for long-lasting use
Lawn herbicide covers 4 to 6.125 gal. per acre
Prometon (25%) is an active ingredient in the lawn herbicide