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St. Gabriel Organics Insect Dust Diatomaceous Earth 4.4lbs


100% Diatomaceous Earth, Insect Dust is like crawling over broken glass to insects. Use indoors or out, around the foundation of your home as a barrier, on vegetable plants, ornamentals, houseplants, on roaches, slugs, ants, earwigs, grasshoppers, crickets, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, sow bugs, pill bugs, lice, mites, box elder bugs and carpet beetles. Insect Dust is also effective against fleas, ticks, aphids, snails, and Japanese beetles. For use in cracks and crevices, bedding, carpet, or anywhere else crawling insects are found. Call the manufacturer to inquire about commercial applications such as hotels and apartments or agricultural uses such as grain storage, poultry and other livestock, and crops.
Aids in the control of fleas ticks and mites
For use on cats and dogs
Use indoors and out, great for gardens too
1 application keeps killing insects for up to 9 months
OMRI Listed for Organic Production
Kills all types of crawling insects
This product is applicable for the following pest types: Ants, Aster Leafhoppers, Bed Bugs, Cabbage Loopers, Carpenter Ants, Caterpillars, Crickets, Earwigs, Fire Ants, Fleas, Palmetto Bugs, Silverfish, Snails and Slugs