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Tecomate Turbo Turnip 1lb


TURBO TURNIP is the deer food plot world’s true “double threat”, offering sweet leafy tops deer love and high-sugar bulbs they crave, especially during the critical late season.  TURBO TURNIP grows anywhere, establishes quickly, produces tons of nutritious food, lasts throughout the season and handles heavy deer pressure, making it ideal for both small and large plots.

Great as a standalone or mixed with cereal grains, clovers, other brassicas or just about any other fall hunting plot. 5 lbs. plants a full acre, making it a fantastic value!    Ideal for High-Use Plots Nutritious Forage, Hi-Energy Bulbs Grows Anywhere, Monster Yield Provides Critical Late-Season Nutrition Great Alone or Mixed.

  • Protein content: 16% to 20%
  • High yield, establishes quickly
  • Ideal for any size food plot
  • Excellent soil builder that grows anywhere
  • Provides critical late season nutrition
  • Plant alone or with Tecomate® cereal grains or clovers


Premium forage turnip seed